I have never been accused of taking myself too seriously.

I have never been accused of taking myself too seriously.


Hi! I’m Lisa Sharp, a professional organizer, space healer and happy home creator.

I help busy, overwhelmed women, like you, create a beautiful, nurturing home they can be proud of. I believe that what you put into your home, you get out of it. So treating your space with love, kindness and respect will pay you back dividends. I use tried and true decluttering methods, as well as my keen ability to lovingly dig down into the real reasons why you are stuck, to revitalize your space so you enjoy spending time there. 

My clients often say that I'm part Mary Poppins + part therapist.

I call myself a therapist for your home. 

I share this beautiful home and life process with my local client base in Atlanta, Georgia and my global client base over Skype. You can read what they have to say about working with me on my testimonial page.


One thing I am not is a type A, buttoned-up, corporate type. I do my own thing and love to break rules and conventions. If you know the Myers-Briggs personality test, I'm an E/INFP. I'm a former reference Librarian and Social worker and have been organizing wherever I go since I was a teenager. I was, however, a seriously messy child. Like black-garbage-bag level messy. You know what I'm talking about. But I figured out that I liked organization and that having less stuff meant not having to clean my room as often. #winning

If something can be run more efficiently and beautifully, I'm all over it.

I'm happily married, have two amazing kids, and live in a very small, very organized, beautiful home. It's not perfect and that's exactly the way I like it.

So if you are looking for some soul exploration and mega FUN while you change your space, let's talk.