Hey there. I'm Lisa Sharp and I'm glad you're here. I'm gonna cut straight to the chase because I don't want to waste your time. I know you have a seriously full plate. 

Here’s the deal. I’m not your ordinary Professional Organizer. I'm more of a hybrid of a Clutter Coach + Space Healer + straight up Therapist for your Home. I don’t care about making everything perfect and Pinterest or Instagram worthy. I personally kinda think that the Container Store can suck it. And I don’t think that your lack of beautiful organizing systems is why you’re having a hard time.

(And if it truly is, you are barking up the wrong tree, my friend. Godspeed.)

I think your problem is that you have too much damn stuff. Probably years’ worth of unexamined possessions are hogging up your house, you know that very same house you’ve spent years acquiring and maintaining but don’t even really like. (It doesn't have to be that way.)

You avoid your home, die a thousand deaths at the sound of your doorbell and spend most of your time in an ever-decreasing area of your home. There are entire swaths of your home that you haven’t touched in ages. You might have a “mystery room” or “junk room” or “room of shame” that your mother in law would die if she ever saw it (but it’s not like you’d ever let her).

You’re not a hoarder but you feel completely overwhelmed by your stuff. And by stuff, I mean crap. Not because it didn’t have value at some point in your life, but because you have so much of it that it’s completely taken over your life. You know a lot of it is crap and it needs to go, but there is so much of it and it is freaking everywhere in your home. You don't even know where to begin, and you feel like an idiot because it has plagued you for years but you can't get a handle on it. 

(By the way, you are: a. not an idiot and b. not alone. A ton of people struggle with this. Stop being so hard on yourself.)

It’s on your flat surfaces, your floors, it’s basically oozing everywhere. Much of your furniture hasn’t functioned as you know, furniture, in quite some time because there is so much crap in front of it, on top of it, shoved in it...

Maybe you bought it all (oh those tempting sales), maybe someone left it to you, maybe you can't even remember where it all came from, but once it came in, it never left. 

You fantasize about leaving it all behind. You wish someone would get rid of it all and that you could start over. You dream about living on a boat, out of a backpack, or in one of those Tiny homes that are so popular right now. Minimalism piques your curiosity and you own gobs of books and magazines on organizing, clutter and Feng Shui. You know it’s good advice but you just can’t seem to make any system work for more than a week. (And even that feels freakin’ exhausting.)

You may have even worked with another Professional Organizer at some point, but she just didn’t get you and her super organized systems are buried under about an inch of dust and have been for years.

You read that damn Marie Kondo book (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up) everyone's talking about but COME. ON.  There is NO WAY you can do that. Is she crazy?? The idea of dragging every single piece of clothing you own into your living room to go through is laughable. Ditto for papers. She barely mentions papers and you are completely drowning in them. 

I see you. I hear you. I get you.

And I’m here to tell you that there is hope.  Your life can look radically different from where you are right now and in less time than you think.  I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of clients here in Atlanta, Georgia and all across the globe (9 countries and counting...I work via Skype, Zoom and Facetime) with their homes, their offices, their businesses and their relationships. But mostly, I have helped women learn how to take care of themselves. There is no magic bullet, quick fix or once and done but there is hope. You can change. Your space can change. Permanently

You know what most women suck at? Taking care of themselves. (Like I needed to point that out.) You know what else? Taking care of your space is Self Care 101. I’m gonna repeat that because it bears repeating.

Taking care of your space is Self Care 101.

All those piles of deferred decisions are weighing you down. They are stifling your soul.

They have got to go. And when you let go of them, you will soar.

Ready to get started? I'm one helluva coach, strategist, cheerleader and ass-kicker and it would be my honor to be in your corner. 

It’s going to be a cool journey full of major ah-has and hell-yeses, and best of all, you’re going to have your very own version of a Clear Calm Space. Click here to get started.