Hi! I’m Lisa Sharp, a professional organizer, space healer and happy home creator in Atlanta.

My clients often say that I'm part Mary Poppins + part therapist.

I call myself a therapist for your home. 


No matter what I've done in life,  my strengths -- connecting with people on a deep and therapeutic level and organizing/decluttering/beautifying physical spaces -- come shining through.

It's in my bones. 

Clear Calm Space Organizing was born out of these strengths in 2013.

I have a BS in Social Work and a Masters degree in Library and Information Science.  As it turned out, these degrees are very, very helpful in my business. 

I'm obsessed with flowers and plants, simplifying wherever/whenever possible and white home decor. Minimalism and office organization are my favorite things, but then again, so are beautiful pantries and seductively organized closets and living rooms . . . 

I get weirdly excited (like butterflies-in-the-stomach level excited) when I get to tackle the paper monsters that stress my clients out. 



I'm happily married, have two amazing kids, and live in a very organized, cozy and beautiful home in my adopted hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. 

I'm so glad you've stopped by. Please keep in touch!