Clear Some Clutter and Make Your Life Sparkle!


Stuff can be sooo much fun. Getting a new pair of jeans that make you feel like a million bucks, finding a new lipstick in the latest trendy color or buying a beautiful new mug to drink your morning coffee in are all lovely things and can make your life sparkle. One of my favorite times of the year is back to school time when those fresh new notebooks, pencils and journals all hold so much potential. A new beginning. A fresh slate. I love having a pretty home and get sweaty palmed and juiced up thinking about new throw pillows,  organizing do-dads and kitchen ware. I feel the pull of new stuff just like the next person. So while I do have minimalist leanings, I have a nice collection of lipsticks and shoes and have no interest in letting those things go. Why should I? I love them. They bring me joy and they do make my life sparkle.

But what about the things that don't add value to my life?

I strongly dislike having too much stuff in my house and in my life. It makes me cranky to be tripping over Legos, slipping on books and looking at piles of paper. Or how about not being able to fit the plastic food containers back in the drawer where they belong because. there. isn't. any. room. left. I dearly love my family but when the stuff of our lives starts taking over our house I can get a wee bit short tempered. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this probably drives you crazy too. Am I right? So when this happens I take my own advice. I pick a spot that is making me crazy, get out my trusty timer (oh how I love you, Dear Timer!), put on some fun music (rowdy music is awesome for this) and start making decisions! Paperwork from my kid's school? File the current ones, recycle the rest. Adorable drawing done by my daughter? Put that in the "to be sent to Grandparents" pile. Dirty dishes get corralled to the kitchen. Sewing project leftovers get put with the sewing stuff. Keys get hung up on their peg and purse goes right next to them. Beep beep beep! Time's done and I've cleared a surface. And clearing a surface inevitably leads to one of my favorite organization and clutter maxims:

Order Begets Order.

Try it, you'll see. Put some sparkle back in your space.