Top Twenty Five Reasons Why Organizing Your Stuff Can Make You Happier at Home


Here are my top 25 reasons why organizing your stuff can make you and your family happier at home.

1. You can find your keys. Always.

2. Your purse or wallet have a home.

3. Everything in your fridge is edible.

4. You know what food you have in your pantry. You can see what you have and it inspires you to cook.

5. When the family whines “I want a snack!” or they demand “What's for dinner?!?” you can calmly point them to the basket full of healthy snacks and the dinner calendar posted on the fridge. No more arguing.

6. Everyone always has clean underwear.

7. When it's time to put away the laundry there is actually room in your drawers. No more cramming clothes into drawers brimming with clothes that you haven't worn in ages.

8. Your devices have a docking station so you don't lose them and they are always charged.

9. You aren't battling with your winter coats and ice hockey stuff in the coat closet when it's 92 degrees outside.

10. You have fun getting dressed in the morning because everything in your closet works on the body you have right now. The clothes all work together, make you feel great when you wear them and there is room to see all of them.

11. You know what day the garbage needs to be taken out. And it actually goes out.

12. Your kids don't get mad at you because you lost their field trip permission slip/birthday invitation/important school form.

13. You get birthday cards in the mail on time.

14. You get to see flat surfaces in your home for the first time since you moved in!

15. You can find your insurance forms, wills and tax related paperwork in 5 minutes or less.

16. Your bills are paid on time because you actually know where they are and their due dates are written on your calendar.

17. You can park your car inside your garage.

18. It is liberating to let go of things that you don't love like promotional items, well meaning but unloved gifts and collections that no longer serve you.

19. Getting ready in the morning doesn't take forever because your toiletries are pared down to what you love and use and the extras are passed on to someone who can use them.

20. Your email inbox is empty and you have folders for action, pending and reference messages.

21. Your computer can work optimally because it is not bogged down with files and bloatware.

22. Your bedroom is the sanctuary that it's meant to be. Only the things you love get to be in that room with you.

23. Less stuff means fewer things to wash, dust, fold, mend and maintain. (Less housework!)

24. Your family can work together because they know where everything goes and you won't have to do everything yourself.

25. The more organized your life is, the more time you get to spend with the people you love doing the things that make you happy!