6 Ways Getting Organized Will Save You Money


Did you know that getting organized with a Professional Organizer can save you a TON of money? It's true! I'll give you SIX awesome examples of ways I've helped my clients save their hard earned dollars.

1. Many of my clients had no single, organized, easy to use bill paying system before I worked with them, so they often paid late fees even though they had the money to pay the bills. So frustrating! (Read what Peter Walsh has to say about bill paying here.) It's scary to not know what bill is due when and to be constantly asking yourself if you're paid up or not. It's stressful and a huge waste of money! So with each client that needs it, I work to customize a bill paying system that makes sense to them so that they can easily, quickly and painlessly pay their bills on time! If you need some help getting started with creating a better paperwork system go here.

2. While working with clients I've found wads of cash stuffed in pockets, in boxes and in desk drawers, I've found uncashed checks, bonds, tons of gift cards and gift certificates and completely forgotten about bank accounts with money in them. Create one spot to collect all these gift cards, gift certificates and coupons so you'll know where to find them and most importantly, USE THEM.

What do you have hiding in YOUR piles? It could be MONEY.

3. Clients who work from home (a little or a lot) often find unpaid client invoices or reimbursements that were never submitted. When you aren't buried under a mound of papers, you can be more productive, create new streams of income and make more money. Remember, your time IS your money. Stop wasting it trying to find lost papers, missing files and lost phone numbers. Getting organized gets all of that under control. Get the money that is owed to you.

4. How many times have you made a special trip to the grocery store to buy _____ only to find later that you had three of them in your overflowing and cramped kitchen? It costs you your money, your time and your energy every time you repurchase something you don't really need. My clients often have a good laugh when they realize that they own 8 pairs of nearly the exact same pants or more shampoo than any human being could ever use in one lifetime.  Some people even tally up the cost of their clutter and are astonished at what they find out!

No more extra shopping trips means more time, more energy and more MONEY!

5. How about turning some of that clutter into cash? Doyou have a closet crammed full of designer duds that you don't really like or just aren't you any more? Or how about collections that are taking up space, gathering dust and really, you'd just rather say goodbye to? I've helped clients bid adieu to stuff they don't want so they can turn it into cash for that vacation they've been wanting to save up for or to buy clothes that make them feel fabulous.The dream part is up to you. I can help you make the cash appear.

6. Clutter also takes up precious space in your home and if you really want (or need) to go whole-hog, we can downsize your stuff so that you can move into a smaller home and save you TONS of money on your mortgage, insurance, taxes and utilities. How does that idea feel? If that sounds good to you, I can help you get there.

So which ways do YOU want to save money this year? Start off the new year by putting some money in your pocket. Your future self will thank you for being so smart. Photo credit: Ervins Strauhmanis