Damn you, Pinterest.

There is a common misconception that being organized means that you are a type A personality with a passion for cleaning stuff. And the drool worthy images you can find on Pinterest don't do anything to dispel those ideas. Pictures of pristine kitchens with color coded and indexed food pantries are quite common. I love to look at those pictures like I love to look at fashion magazines; for entertainment and inspiration. But I realize that I have the same interest in living such a "perfect" home as I do in wearing glossy red lipstick and stilettos everyday. That is to say none. At all. My goal in being organized is simple: to be able to enjoy the people and things in my life without feeling controlled by my stuff. Unless you are really that into  making everything color coded and matching (and more power to you if you are), focus on reducing the amount of stuff you have and actually using the stuff you decide to keep. Then go back and make it pretty. Take some of those good ideas from Pinterest and make them your own. Have fun with the successes and laugh at the Pinterest fails.

Don't take it too seriously, it's just stuff.