The 10 Most Effective Habits of Highly Organized People


Do you wonder how to get organized but you it just seems too overwhelming of a process? Well you can organize your life by learning from these 10 tips that organized people swear by!

1. They have a Landing Strip. One place to rule them all: a place for their keys, their purse/wallet, their bag and their phone. No exceptions. They put it somewhere obvious and easily accessible, usually right inside their front door.

2. They get broken stuff fixed. If something breaks, stops working or a piece goes missing they put it on their to-do list and then they get it done or they get rid of it.

3. They label their stuff. They know what teachers know, that when things are labeled they are more likely to get put back in their correct place. You know the whole "a place for everything and everything in its place" adage. Label makers make life easier!

4. They schedule maintenance for their space. Those lovely organized and decluttered spaces don't just magically stay that way. Scheduling 30 minutes of decluttering paperwork and stuff in general on a weekly basis keeps everything efficient, tidy and pleasant to be around.

5. They know that an organized and decluttered space means cleaning is quicker and easier to do. They also believe that everyone in the home should be helping out on a regular basis. Many hands make light work! They also know that they can fake a clean house by keeping flat surfaces cleared.

6. They complete their projects. They put away their art supplies when they're done creating, they put away the clean dishes and they process the mail instead of dumping it somewhere.

7. They follow the Do It Now principle. If something will take less than 3 minutes they go ahead and do it now. If it will take longer than that they put it on their to do list.

8. They have To Do lists and they use them. 'Nuff said.

9. They realize they only have 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week and they prioritize what means the most to them and they get that stuff on their calendars.

10. They know that getting organized and staying organized means that most of daily life is on auto pilot so they can just cruise through the daily stuff and have more time to do the stuff in life they really enjoy!

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What do you think of these 10 habits? Do you do them? Which ones do find to be most effective in your life? Share your thoughts in the comments below!