How to Make Every Day Tasks More Fun


Hello Beautiful Soul. I am crazy passionate about helping you love your home. The way I see it, you only have this one life and that life is made up of day to day experiences. Yeah, there are those amazeballs bucket list days like jumping out of an airplane or singing a solo in front of a thousand people but there tends to be A LOT of time between those things. We write the book, get the job, have the kiddo, go on the trip. Gorgeous, beautiful stuff.

But between those events, how many times have you made your bed, washed the dishes and fluffed the couch cushions? Thousands of times. So I advocate enjoying the shit out of those things. Yeah, sometimes it feels like Groundhog Day doing the same thing over and over again but you get to choose how to make it more fun. More sensuous. More pleasurable. More YOU. So decluttering the crap that you trip over every day on the way to making your morning coffee will make your life 1.6% better every day. And if you multiply that over a life time, isn't it worth spending a little time up front fixing the stuff and making it suit YOUR life? Isn't it worth making the hard tasks a little more pleasant?

My formula for loving your home is simple. Toss the excess, upgrade your tools and make a home for everything. Then buy some flowers and invite your loved ones in.

And for the love of Pete, enjoy the ride.


Gorgeous breakfast shot by Kate Hiscock

Bill Murray & Punxsutawney Phil photo