Stop Clutter from Coming in Your House


Hey Gorgeous!

Clients call me when they are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff they have in their homes.  It might be an office, a closet, a pantry or their whole diddly dang house. They can't even begin to figure out how to organize all that stuff because it causes Brain Freeze. No, not the kind you get from drinking a milkshake really fast, this Brain Freeze happens when we are confronted with having to make a gazillion decisions about what we should do with our stuff.

And make no mistake, that's why we avoid dealing with clutter. Because making a ton of decisions is HARD.

We make a handful of decisions and then...Brain Freeze sets in. Total shutdown, frustration and maybe even some pretty mean self talk (Why can't I do this? I must be an IDIOT!). Rest assured, you are not an idiot (all of my clients are successful and extremely bright people who are just...stuck) and it really boils down to too much stuff coming in the house and not enough leaving!

SO. That's a really simple thing to fix. I can help you figure out what to keep but you have to change your thinking about the stuff coming in.

You need to take a look at how the stuff is coming into your house because if you don't, you won't ever really get a good handle on your space.

You need to turn that firehose into a trickle.

It's easier than you think and it boils down to MindfulShopping. I made a little video explaining what I mean.

What do you think? Do practice Mindful Shopping? How do you reduce the amount of stuff coming into your space? Leave a comment and share your best tricks!