Quick and Easy Decluttering Tips


Are you looking for an quick and easy way to start decluttering the stuff from your house? Look no further. I've got you covered. Each of these quick and easy decluttering tips are dead simple and will take you 10 minutes maximum.  Even if you are ready to call a dumpster rental company or just want to move house and start over, these things will make your house feel better. Get yourself a timer and play race the clock!

You + me + 1 timer = 1 hour to a lighter, happier feeling house.

1. Your bedside table. Clear off the glasses, extra pens, receipts, books you aren't reading (limit how many dang books you keep on your table--it's a bedside table not a bookshelf!), tissues, eye drops and everything else. Aim to only have 3 things on your table and a handful of other things in the drawer. (10 minutes)

2. The Pile of Stuff That Needs to Leave Your House. You know what I'm talking about. The pile of stuff going to charity, the books you need to return to the library, the shirt you need dry cleaned and the pants you need to return to the mall. That stuff. Collect it all in a nice, sturdy bag (canvas bags are awesome for this) and neatly put it all in the bag and take it to your car. Write the actions that need to be taken on your to do list. (10 minutes)


3. The front of your refrigerator. Menus go in a file or a drawer. Pictures get put in an album or photo box. Kids artwork gets recycled or put in a momento box. (And if purging sentimental clutter is an issue please go read this.) Receipts get recycled or put in a file. Ugly ass magnets go to Goodwill or go in the garbage. If  you have time left on the timer, wipe it down with some cleaner. (10 minutes)

4. Your coat hooks.  Only keep things you use every day on your coat hooks. Hang all other jackets, coats or bags in a coat closet. Make sure everything still fits or is in good repair. Donate any that aren't working for you anymore. (10 minutes)


5. Your bathroom countertop. Ditch any makeup, hair supplies or lotions that you hate or really aren't going to finish. The stuff that you keep trying to make work but actually can't stand? Bye! Off they go! Recycle the containers if you can. Backups and extras go in a closet or drawer. Only attractive stuff you use every day stays out. (10 minutes)


6. Your underwear drawer. Toss any underwear that is worn out or sorry looking. Anything that you would die of embarrassment if another living soul saw you in should go. If they give you a wedgie, fall down or otherwise annoy you, toss 'em. Bras that make you want to kick the cat because they are so uncomfortable? Off they go. (We like the cat.) Feel bad that you spent $90 on it? That's not a compelling reason to keep something that you can't stand. Now you know to not buy that kind of bra in the future. Lesson learned. Move on.  (10 minutes)


See? That wasn't hard. Just one hour. That's it. Make it a priority and your house will feel better and you'll have some forward momentum. Win/win.

Oh, and just one more thing:


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