Declutter Your Home Declutter Your Mind


Have you ever felt really pissy when you were cleaning up a room and you couldn't figure out why? Or maybe you were decluttering the back of your closet and found yourself on the floor crying your eyes out. If you have experienced this,  you know that you can jump from "Why do I have this shirt?" to "I really hate my blanking job" or "I wish I never moved here" or "My kids are growing up way too fast" in a nano second.

So what's THAT all about?

Our stuff really is a reflection of what's going on in our heads. And we don't think about everything all the time, right? Loads of stuff is stuck in the long term memory area of our brains that lays dormant for months, years and even decades. And it can take the slightest trigger to have a river of emotions come flooding in. So when we start moving things around, uncovering things that we'd "forgotten" about, it releases emotions about that stuff too.

Remember, our stuff symbolizes periods of our lives, people, events, dreams and memories.

So it's totally normal that emotions pop up when you are going through your belongings. I would say 75% of the time when I'm working with a client at one point or another tears or irritability appear. I encourage my clients to share what's going on (and I get to use my background in Social Work) and to talk through their feelings. The really interesting thing is that it passes as quickly as it comes in. Life is such a mixed bag and some of it really sucks. No two ways about that one.

I encourage you to feel the feelings. Look at them. Don't distract yourself from them. A wise friend of mine reminded me yesterday that it's really just discomfort and it will pass if you let it. Think of them as a storm that is passing through your mind. It's not permanent.  And doesn't everything feel amazingly good right after a storm? The air is fresh and clear and there is new energy to enjoy and explore. Hang on, it's coming.

Be gentle with yourself. Reach out if you get overwhelmed or stuck. Don't get into a dark place by yourself. We aren't meant to do this whole "life" stuff alone. :)