Taking Care of Your Home is the Ultimate Self Care


I really believe, with 100% of my heart, that taking care of your space is one of the best forms of self care there is. Think about it. Your home is where you retreat from the world. Where you spend your most intimate, vulnerable moments of your day. You suit up and get ready to take on the world beginning from your space. You sleep, eat, think, rest and commune there. You may live alone or you may live with 10 people but we are all doing basically the same things in our homes. And when you come home, there is a sense of relief. That you can take off your shoes and strip off your armor and be your truest self. Let it all hang out.

If there is something that bothers you in your space, it can really bother you.

This is your haven. Your refuge. If there are piles of clutter everywhere, the furniture reminds you of a shitty relationship you'd rather forget about and everything just feels run down and cramped, it effects the most sacred part of your day. The part that is supposed to lift you up and make you feel safe can instead feel like crap.

People can say, "Oh that ____  (couch, pile of clothes on the floor, messy desk, ugly painting) doesn't really bother me" until the cows come home but I don't believe them. I've been in their homes and feel how heavy they feel. How stuck. Immobilized.

They don't fool me.

I can feel and read energy in a space in a way that most people don't or choose to ignore.  I feel emotions that are stuck in corners and the sadness piled in the basement. Loneliness and sorrow. Anger. Frustration. Unresolved hurt. Guilt. Shame. Bitter disappointment. Embarrassment. Longing.

I also believe that we manifest our surroundings. That what we surround ourselves with began in our minds and then showed up physically. We made choices, one by one, that led us to where we stand today.

The impulse purchases when we were feeling anxious. The castoffs we took in because someone died. The furniture we bought because we thought we needed to impress the neighbors. The projects we began but never finished. All choices. All our own. Collecting and shaping where, and ultimately, how we live.

So if your space is feels bad, please remember this: You can change your life today by changing your space. You deserve to live in a space that lights you up and makes you feel nourished and happy and safe.

It is my deepest wish that you take care of yourself by beginning to show your space the love and attention that it deserves, because by doing so, you are showing yourself how much you love yourself.