Your Clutter is Keeping You From a Life You Love


Many of us have so much stuff  that we don't enjoy our homes. There is stuff everywhere. We haven't seen our table tops in ages, it's hard to navigate some rooms without tripping over something or bruising our hip squeezing past furniture. There might be whole sections of our homes that we avoid at all costs. One of my favorite clients has a room that we lovingly refer to as "The Mystery Room" because what's in it is, well, a mystery.

When we have so that much stuff it's like trying to write a book while sitting on the floor of a busy airport terminal. There is so much stimuli to distract us we can never get quiet and focus on the thing at hand. It's mentally fatiguing to take in  all that information.

It nags at us and tells us lies.

Finish me! Decide where I should live! Clean me! What's wrong with you? Why can't you get anything finished? Everyone else has it together! Why don't you?

Excess stuff makes us physically small. It feels oppressive. It makes it hard to think, to make decisions, to get clear in our thinking. We take up less and less space in our homes as our stuff takes up more and more. How many times have you worked at a tiny corner of your table because there was stuff everywhere? Or because your couch was covered in laundry you just pushed some of it over to find a little uncomfortable spot to sit?

It's a little nutty when you think about it. Our stuff is supposed to make life easier, not harder. Isn't that why we bought it in the first place?

If it's so bad for us, then why do we do it?

I have found that the number one reason we hang on to stuff is FEAR.

Fear of the future, fear of not having enough. Fear of judgement. Fear of making the wrong decision. Fear of forgetting. Fear of messing up. Or how about the fear of not fitting in? We want to fit in so we buy clothes, furniture, homes because we want to fit in. Fear drives the bus in a lot of our decision making even though we might not be aware of it.

That's why I love (love! love!) helping people revitalize their homes.