How to Fix Your Messy, Cluttered Bedroom


Messy bedrooms. Why are they so often an after thought when we are dealing with our cluttered homes? Is yours a mess? Do you ignore it because you can just shut the door and no one is going to see it? Well today's video is all about dealing with your cluttered bedroom and what it really means.

Clear Calm Space video transcript: How to Get Your Bedroom Feeling Better and Improve Your Love Life

"Hey, this is Lisa Sharp, founder of Clear, Calm Space.  Today I want to talk a little bit more about bedrooms and why they're so important, specifically about the welcoming nature of your bedroom.

If you are interested in bringing in a partner or if you're interested in having a more active sex life with your partner, to have more romance, to have more intimacy in your relationship or to bring in someone new because you are currently single, really look at your bedroom from a fresh perspective.

We get used to our surroundings and stop seeing things as clearly. Then we start to ignore things in our space and we lose perspective.

A really cool technique that I use with my clients and I personally use to gain that fresh perspective, is to get out your camera.  So grab your phone, walk into your bedroom, stand in the doorway and get out your camera and take a series of photographs around your bedroom so that you're basically making a panoramic picture of your bedroom that will give you a full perspective.

Then sit down and look through these photographs.  You will be amazed at the things that you find that you have, otherwise, sort of been tuning out.

So if you are interested in bringing in more love into your life, you need to start taking care of this space and acting as if you already have those things.

If you are interested in attracting a new partner, is your bedroom suited for 2 or is it just suited for you? If it's only suited for one person, then you are telling the universe that you are not ready to have someone come into your life and you're also telling someone who is coming in that they're not exactly welcome, that this is your space and there's not really room for another person to come in.

There are a lot of different ways that you can facilitate that and you can change those things pretty easily.  Some really basic things are making sure that your bed is not smashed up against a wall.  There needs to be flow around the bed and there needs to be two bedside tables. Bedside tables are really important.  If there's just one and you're wanting to have someone else come into your life, then where are they going to put their stuff if they're going to be in your bed, right?

Not keeping anything under your bed is also super important.  You want the flow of Chi, (here's a good explanation) the flow of energy to be able to circulate around and under your bed.  You definitely don't want to have Christmas ornaments shoved under your bed and old photographs, boxes of old love letters, that sort of thing.  That stuff needs to go.

Taking a look at the photographs you took of the room are really helpful because it gives you this fresh perspective of, "Oh, I didn't fix that ____ in my room and I need to fix it. I haven't even noticed it for the last year!"

Or you'll notice that things are kind of cattywampus or there might be an area that's really cluttered and you don't even see.

If you have a lot of stuff on the ground, getting the clutter up off of the ground is one of the quickest ways to make your space feel better.

Heavy energy lies low on the ground.  If you want to raise the vibration and raise the energy in your bedroom, get the stuff up off of the floor and give your floors a really good cleaning.

These are just some really simple things that you can do to improve the energy in your bedroom, to make it more hospitable for you and more hospitable for someone else that you might have in your life, currently, or that you want to bring in to your life.

So I hope that's helpful.  Lisa Sharp with Clear, Calm Space.  I hope that you can do some of these things and see how different your life feels after you start looking through those pictures, picking some projects to do and moving some energy around in your bedroom.

Now I want to hear from you: are there any areas of your bedroom that you haven't really been seeing an that could use a little love and attention? Tell me in the comments below!

Have a great day, bye.