Declutter Your 'Busy' and Make Some Room For Your Soul


Today we're kicking off something new: it's the Clear Calm Life guest post series! I've asked my favorite experts to share with you their very best tips, tricks and ideas on how to create a Clear Calm Life. From the practical how to's, to mindset shifting, we're going to cover a lot of territory to help you enjoy your life even more.

Guest post by Shari D Teigman




When was the last time you even considered those big three?

No, I don’t mean in terms of picking summer programs for your kids or scanning the books in a bookstore window as you speed on by, off to your next appointment.

I. Mean. For. YOU.

Hold up- before those pretty eyes start rolling and scrolling past yet another self love blah blah rant that just makes you jaw clench…..lemme explain.

I get it. I was you. Still am, lots of days. But I reached a point in my ‘BUSY’ life where I looked around and realized that the inside did not match the outside.

PTA president extraordinaire, hostess with the mostess, always in fun bright colors and cracking jokes wherever I was….I was a ball of energy to anyone who was watching.

Inside? I’d love to describe it to you but since I was so numb and cut off from what I felt- I can’t really tell ya. All I know is the room was empty. Where did my soul go??

Our society glorifies this busy, time filled, scheduled, cluttered existence as though the busier you are and more you can cram into one day, the more fulfilled you are. The more stuff you accumulate, the more errands you can run, the more juggling you do..what? The bigger trophy you win?

How’s that workin for everyone? I mean really. Take a real true peek at how much SPACE and TIME you make to actually feel and experience what being you through your everyday life is like.

I’m not a betting kind of girl, but I’d bet the farm that you just furrowed your brows thinking, “I don’t even know what that means!”

Let’s backtrack a bit. Travel back with me to a time in your childhood that you felt free. Lit up. Excited that the sun popped up and you had the chance to wake up and be you for another whole day. For me, it was about age 5.

It didn’t have to be a special occasion or any particular excitement around me, but I LOVED BEING ME.

I was different, empathic, free spirited, funny and always up for an adventure, even if that meant opening my juice box while singing a song.

Life went on. And I grew up….and while I was still all of those things deep inside, I completely forgot that feeling.

It’s funny how we can still identify with some traits from childhood but not feel them inside.

Lights start to shut off in rooms in our mind we stop using- like imagination, creativity, childlike wonder. We get pushed into staying in the organizing rooms, in the ‘doing’ zones, in the ‘achievement’ areas. But what do you think happens in those rooms with the lights off? Those places in you where inspiration and drive actually come from?

They start knocking. They are calling to be noticed.

And when we fail to listen….they knock louder. They may start tipping things over in your neat, lined up life like job satisfaction, or relationships, or health and sleep.

Now is this starting to sound a tad familiar?

Your inner child is calling out. Your SOUL. Am I saying you need to run off to Bali and escape the real grownup world in order to feel again?

Absolutely not, especially because without opening up you will take all of the stress and baggage with you anyway!

What I’m suggesting is this.

Make YOU a priority. Yep I went there.

Treat yourself like that 5 year old little girl. Start to hear her voice and see what she is so desperately trying to tell you while knocking crap over to be heard.

No need for huge life changes and massive declarations.

What if every morning, you woke up 15 minutes early?

A cup of your favorite tea or coffee. In a non-chipped, pretty mug just for you.

A journal and pen that actually works.

Maybe even a playlist of songs that take you back to a place you felt yourself inside of you.

What if you instead carved out a dance break everyday at noon, while no one is watching?

And after that break, you actually EAT lunch. A real one that you and your body love, not a protein bar from your back pocket or a drive thru sandwich you didn’t even taste as you scarfed it down.

How about before you go to bed? A candle and ten pages of a book you have sitting on your bedside table with dust gathering.

Or even a bath or shower with salts and soap you love.

You don’t even have to tell anyone.

Try it.

The 5 year old in me is high fiving the 5 year old in you. Namaste, hotstuff! Soul belly bump!

Shari D Teigman is a soul explorer, transformational coach and sparkle maker. She believes in spontaneous laughter, life changing conversations and lots of realness. She can be found at, on Instagram at, and on Periscope at ShariDTeigman. Shari offers Soul Spark sessions, intensive coaching packages to spark up your life and business and copywriting services to help you express your soul & mission to your clients. More creative stuff coming down the pike, so sign up for updates & partayssss at her website. You can contact her at with any questions or just to say hey!