Declutter Yourself with Habits

Guest post by Adrienne Dorison

Clutter comes in many different forms. We bring “things” into our lives for unknown reasons and put them on our shelf, but we also keep ourselves and our schedules cluttered without thinking twice.

Do you find yourself running around all day long, doing things that at the end of the day aren’t very meaningful or productive? Sometimes our life just becomes a laundry list of to-do’s that takes over and we don’t give much thought to whether or not we’re doing what we want to do.

Without establishing habits that support our success, we can get caught up in tasks and obligations that leave little time for the things that actually improve our lives, ya know - humans we love, activities that fill our soul, and space for nothingness.

The best way to start doing what you actually want to be doing and still get the things done that you need to do, is to create better habits and rituals. When we think about decluttering, we typically think about our physical space, but creating successful habits allow you to declutter yourSELF.

Decluttering your life through habits feels restrictive for some people, but the truth is that habits create more freedom.

The best way to start creating better daily habits is to get clear on your priorities. If you’re unsure how to prioritize your life you need to start with defining your personal values. Knowing your values can help you recognize why you do or don’t do specific things. You should be aware and aligned with your top 5 personal values.

Forming habits can be tricky, because no matter how many “21 day fixes” you’ve seen, there is no set time or way to form a habit. Habits are a very intimate and personal ritual that will and should look different for everyone. Don’t implement a new habit because someone told you to, implement new habits because you desire the results you know the habit will bring.

I wake up at 4:30am to start my morning routine - I do NOT advise others to wake up at 4:30am if that seems like Chinese water torture, but I will advise you to create a morning ritual/routine that suits and supports YOU.

Identify the results you want to achieve and then reverse engineer the types of habits and rituals you may want to incorporate into your daily routine to achieve said results. Here are a few simple steps to determine what habits and rituals you need to implement to start decluttering your self.

  1. Identify your top 5 personal values.

  2. Define your top 5 priorities.

  3. Get clear on the results you desire.

Don’t worry, I won’t leaving you hanging there, that would be cruel to help you identify all the habits you want to incorporate into your life and not tell you how to do it.

Habits are personalized, what works for me may not be ideal for you, so you may need to do some checking adjusting. But keep in mind that if you’re confident on your values, your priorities, and the results you desire, then you must stick with it until youdiscover your personal success habits.

Here are a few things to remember as you begin to create habits to declutter yourself and life.

  1. Don’t try to add in or remove more than one to two habits at a time. If you jump in with too many at one time your new habits will only last a few weeks and your brain will force you back into old habit patterns. Without going into too much neurological detail, creating new habits sucks up lots of brain energy.

  2. Create TIME for the desired habit. Now that you have identified a new habit that you want to start building, you must commit to forging that habit by making time for it in your schedule.

  3. Create triggers to support the new habit. A trigger should be an existing behavior or habit, occurring in the same frequency and in the same environment as the new habit. For example, if you are trying to build a habit to floss daily, you can use the existing habit of brushing your teeth as a trigger. The act of brushing your teeth will serve as a trigger to flossing.

In order for anything to become a habit, it needs repetition.  To ensure repetition, it needs to be a priority.  Thus, you will need to figure out a definitive time each and every weekday until it becomes automatic.  When and what time of day?  Now identify your triggers.

By identifying your core personal values, priorities, and desired results before starting to declutter your life with habits, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Your brain does not like change and it will come up with infinite reasons why you shouldn’t change.  Block out negative thoughts of why you shouldn’t do it or why you can’t do it.  Instead, tell yourself “just do it” and remind yourself of the desired result you already identified.  If you don’t block out the negativity, you will succumb to it.

My top 3 personal habits:

  1. A solid morning routine

  2. Writing down my goals every morning and identifying my MIM (most important mission) for that day.

  3. Turning off all distractions while working so I can focus for shorter periods of time and create more freedom in my day

Time to declutter your SELF with habits!

What habits are you going to commit to? How can you better set yourself up for success?

Author’s bio: A high performance Success Strategist, Speaker, Money Mentor, and passionate dog-mom, Adrienne Dorison teaches high achieving entrepreneurs to create the habits of success so that they can achieve their goals and find their personal freedom and fulfillment. Adrienne teaches her clients how to overcome the blocks that hold them back, helps them identify what they REALLY want in life, and shows them how to leverage their strengths so that their success and freedom becomes inevitable. Overcoming her own challenges, she developed her own strategy for success; competing as a USA National Triathlete, ditching over $45,000 in student debt in less than 6 months, quitting her prestigious (yet passionless) corporate day job for a life of entrepreneurship, and being a dog-mom to not one, but two of the sweetest pups ever.  Adrienne can be found at, answers all her emails and would love to have you join her free private facebook community of high achievers - Society of Self-Mastery.