Decluttering Your Energy Field


Guest post by Iris Arjeta

A clear, calm space has great energy. You feel expansive and free in a well-organized space. You can breathe easier, rest more deeply, and clearly know what you want and need in your life when your senses aren't overwhelmed by clutter.

You know you love this feeling, yet it's still a struggle to organize and de-clutter your home. Maybe it's because your energy could use a bit of spring cleaning.

Think about how you feel when you're on vacation. You're staying in a hotel or condo where everything is clean and fresh. Everyday clutter doesn't exist on vacation. I truly believe the reason people relax better on vacation is the freedom from their everyday objects.

Everything in your home has a vibration. And because you see your stuff as YOURS, the vibration is attached to you. It's why making de-cluttering decisions can be so hard. It feels like getting rid of a part of you.

What if you started the de-cluttering process in your energy field? STUFF would no longer rule your life, because the energy attachment is gone.

You may already know you can clear your energy by receiving a session from a skilled energy practitioner. You may even have studied Reiki, Quantum Touch, or another energy clearing modality. But have you ever applied it to the physical objects in your home, office or car, or your attachments to them?

Let's take a moment to focus on the space you'd most like to clean up. The one causing you the most stress, anxiety or frustration. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, going inward while you imagine your outer space being clean, clear and feeling calm when you're in it.

Now ask yourself “what's standing between me and this beautiful, spacious feeling?” Pay attention to what you FEEL, not just the visions of the things themselves. Some pretty icky feelings may surface here. That's good. This is the junk that's really keeping your space cluttered.

Your outer space is a reflection of your inner space. Clear up your inner world, and the rest will take care of itself.

So what did you feel when you went inward? Maybe you felt anger. Or overwhelm. Maybe you felt like a clear, calm space is just impossible for you. Whatever you felt, honor it. These feelings are the key to letting go of your old way of living and making space for clarity.

When I first became friends with Lisa (the brilliant woman behind Clear, Calm Space), I felt totally overwhelmed by my stuff, even though I had just moved across the Pacific to Hawaii, and had brought so few things with me.

I soon realized many of the items I had brought with me didn't make me happy or joyful. What I had released before moving, I quickly re-acquired. My desk was a mess, and I was visually overwhelmed because I was afraid to put anything away... I might forget to do some important task without it sitting on top of a pile of to-do lists.

As an energy practitioner, I couldn't ignore the patterns of energy, thought and feeling that were illuminated every time Lisa offered an organizing suggestion. I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to cry at the thought of being more organized.

I felt like a failure at life.

But Lisa gave me a challenge, and I never back down from a challenge.

She asked me to write an EFT Tapping script for myself to clear the energies and emotions I was feeling about the clutter and resistance to organization.

To see some demonstrations of EFT or "Tapping" in action check this  and this out. 

It facilitated a profound shift in my life.

My home still doesn't look like a Martha Stewart catalogue. But I've been able to approach cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering my life with more clarity and calm.

I can now embrace and love myself whether my home is visitor-ready or looks like a hurricane hit it. And I tidy up on a regular basis... without having to push myself, grumble and complain or feel exhausted and overwhelmed. It's just something I do that makes me feel better.

And I know you can do the same.

So I'm going to share the tapping script with you that helped me clean up my inner world and experience the outward effects in my own clear, calm space. It's tailored to my own feelings and experiences as a child, so if it doesn't all resonate with you, feel free to change the words and situations to make sense for you.

If you've never done EFT Tapping before, don't worry too much about getting it right. There are a bunch of points you can tap on in your body that correspond with accupressure meridians. You can either tap through all the points in the photo, or just tap on the side of your left hand, the karate chop point, to keep it simple.



Here's the script.

Be sure to breathe deeply before and after each round. Major energies will shift with these powerful clearing statements and affirmations.

Emotions may surface to be released. Stay present with what you feel... it's just moving through and out of your body so you can free yourself to be clear and calm in your inner space.

Even though I've been resistant to cleaning up this clutter, I am willing to honor where I am now, and love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I have this belief that "creative chaos" helps me be brilliant, I am willing to see myself as brilliantly organized, so I have even more time to create.

Even though I feel unable to get and stay clear, calm, organized and clean I am willing to see myself differently.

This fear of neatness. This overwhelm at the mess. I hate to look at it. I hate to feel this. I'll just ignore it.

This disappointment. How did my life get this disorganized? I'm so disappointed in myself.

If it's not perfect, I shouldn't even bother to try.  I just can't measure up.

Other people have such nice houses. Such nice things. All so neat and organized. I wish I could have that. My space always looks like a disaster. 

All this panic. It has to be perfect. But I don't have time to keep it perfect. I don't want to keep it perfect. It doesn't matter that much to me. So I'm not going to do anything.

I see it now. How much this frustration is holding me back. I internalized this pain, and now it's holding me back. My creations never get finished, my brilliance never reaches the world, because it gets lost in the chaos.

I've had enough of this. It's time to let this go.

Letting go of all the resistance. I have no use for it. I welcome neatness and organization. It hardly takes any time at all, as I effortlessly clean up after myself a little every day.

I forgive myself for all the times I felt like I failed. I did the best I could at the time. I am ready to free myself to move forward. It's safe to move forward now.

I release the panic. I have no use for comparison or perfectionism. I am whole and complete, perfect and brilliant. I am willing to see my brilliance now, and honor all my creations. It's safe to shine my brilliance now!

It is a joy to honor and bless my sleeping space by making the bed. I am setting the energy of peace and alignment, nurturing and care for my night-time healing chamber. I love to make my bed!

It is exciting to clear my desk of papers, and to neatly organize my digital files! I love being able to find everything quickly and easily, so I can get more done!

I wake up every morning in a clear space, happy and refreshed, ready to use my foundation of organization to build a steady platform of support for my beloved clients!

My prosperity increases as I clear, organize, and care for my money and financial systems.  I can see more clearly how to profit the most from my time and efforts, as I spend time caring for my money.

I am able to show up for my friends and clients in more meaningful ways, as I clear my inboxes, chat and phone messages, and all other communication methods. As I organize and centralize my communications, my prosperity and networking increases exponentially!

I show love for my body, my mind, and my Spirit when I clean and care for my home, my sleeping space, and the clothes I wear. As I love myself, I have more love to share with others!

I release my fears of the future, and welcome these changes for my Highest Good. I am assured of a clean, organized, and happy future, because Divine Love is Guiding me. I allow Spirit to align and organize all the details for me, physically and energetically, for my happiest and most prosperous life!

I am safe and secure. It is safe to showcase my brilliance with a lovely, organized, and sacred space!

I'd love to hear how this script worked for you... did you love it? Hate it? Didn't feel anything?

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Author’s bio: Isis helps women clear their energy through mind/body healing techniques. She is the creator of theSOULPOWER group coaching program and is a world renowned healer, teacher, and channel of Divine Love.