Live with Less and Choose Happiness Instead


Hey Beautiful Soul! When is the last time you did something BIG just for you? I'm not talking about taking a bubble bath or reading a magazine. Those are nice but I want that sort of thing to be a regular occurrence in your life. I'm talking about listening to your soul and doing something that you've been dying to do for a long time but fear kept you rooted in place.

I've been ignoring the whispers inside of me that say, "Travel. That's where you'll learn the most" for longer than I care to admit. The circumstances weren't right. The money wasn't there. The kids needed me. My business needed me. It felt a little, ok, a lot selfish to me. I have stuff to do! Business to conduct! People to please!

But then I started working with a client who has been shedding her old life. It's so fun to watch, and honestly, she's my favorite kind of client to work with: someone who wants more out of life. Someone who is ready to release the struggle and step into the next phase of life.  I'm in my zone when I'm shepherding someone through that hard stuff into something new and expansive.

One of the coolest things about this client is that she travels. All the time. You can see where this is going, right? I clear the way for my clients by creating new space for them but they also give me something: inspiration. And she inspired me in spades. I realized that I needed to turn off my brain and listen to my spirit for a while. Step out on faith.

So I booked a flight to New York City to stay with my amazeballs friend and client, Shari Teigman. She is about the sparkliest person I know, one of my closest friends and can bring the fun in an EPIC way. Now I had never met Shari in person. We've been friends online for a year and have talked a million times but staying with someone is a whole 'nuther kettle of fish. It could have been weird. It could have been awkward. We could have gotten sick of each other after a few hours. But I had faith and I listened to my gut.

She said, "Dude, this is a no brainer."

The trip was freaking magical. I learned a lot and I remembered a lot about myself that I had forgotten. There was a lot of mental clutter that I needed to release and I feel like I shed about 50 pounds of mental nonsense. That is PRICELESS.

So here is what I want for you: I want you to spend your money on experiences and not more stuff. We don't get to our death beds and say, "I wish I had bought more stuff."

Hell, we don't even remember what we own a lot of the time. It's pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

(I lived through an apartment fire when our kids were small. Trust me, that shit does not matter. Remind me to tell you that story some time.)


I want to challenge you to come up with 3 things you are going to do in 2016 that makes your palms sweat. I don't care if it's taking a painting class, reconnecting with a long lost friend or going for a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I buy Leonie Dawson's Create Your Shining Year Planners every year (it's my secret weapon to business success) and one of the exercises she has you do is to plot out 100 things you want to do that year. It's one of my favorite exercises because it gets me SO excited and passionate about my own life. I'm asking you for THREE. Then I want you to post it in the Clear Calm Space Community Facebook page so we can cheer each other on!

Accountability & support is KEY to getting our butts in gear. I aim to provide both for you. :)

I want you to have less stuff and more FUN and FULFILLMENT in 2016. Screw "finally getting organized." How about "finally being true to who you are." Yeah, I like that much better too.

Lets do it, Snickerdoodle.


photo: Farrukh