Declutter Your Underwear

Have you really inspected your underwear lately? I recently took a good look at mine, and what I saw wasn’t pretty.  My raggedy unmentionables were definitely something that I, well, didn’t want to mention!

None of us talk about the state of our underwear yet I’m betting that we all could benefit from an honest assessment of what’s lurking beneath our clothes. Do you remember as a kid when your mom would tell you to make sure you had nice, clean underwear on before taking a trip so if you had to go to the hospital you wouldn’t be embarrassed? Well, she was right! Except the time to have it on is everyday. It’s the most important layer of what we wear.

That is why it’s no mistake that another name for underwear is foundation. And, a foundation is what everything else is built upon such as houses, buildings, and most importantly life. So why do we deny ourselves the little luxury of something that is so important and powerful?

It was something I was asking myself as I stared at my lackluster, pathetic stretched out bras and panties. Why didn’t I value my foundation enough to upgrade my underwear? It wasn’t because I was trying to be frugal or because I didn’t think I was worth it. For me, it was more just being lazy. This would take time to be properly fitted for a bra and to try on different brands and styles. Just the thought of the awful store lighting and visions of stretch marks and pasty skin made me want to hang on to my old, out-of-shape lingerie a little longer. I mean trying on bathing suits seemed more appealing! Yet deep down a whisper said to me that I should at least give it a go.

So, off I went to shop. I decided that I’d buy three each of new bras and panties. I promptly brought them home yet didn’t wear them for at least a week. And every time I put on my existing stash or did the laundry that same little voice urged me to just throw out the old ones and start wearing my new purchases. I decided that I would finally go cold turkey and do it! After all, no one would know but me. What possible difference would it make anyway?

A funny thing happened though. I found myself feeling much more confident in my new foundations. They felt better, and I had a spring in my step. I smiled more and my eyes twinkled. I was getting better service when I went out, and more people said hi to me. No doubt it was because I was friendlier and feeling quite supported. Even my clothes looked better.

I am convinced that our underwear is a power suit. It’s like Underroos for grown-ups (which are back, BTW: New underwear can make you feel like you can take on a challenge with grace and ease because you’re feeling capable and beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you choose lace, animal print, or cotton. What matters is that it fits and feels fabulous!

Don’t wait another minute. Go and purge your old worn out bras and panties and do a little unmentionable shopping. People will wonder what happened when they see the new you. All the while you will have your secret weapon next to your skin.

Author bio: Pat Jensen is a writer, wife, and mom residing in the upper Midwest with her husband, children, and dog. Inspiring others to live a beautiful life, she also writes a blog called The Spirit of Home: