50 (Cheap or Free) Things You Can Do to Make Yourself Feel Better


This list was inspired by a friend and client who asked "What do you do when you want to lift your mood?" Some days life just gets the better of us and we are cranky and tired and just plain old out of sorts. When you just can't seem to get out of your own way, pick one or two things off of this list and I guarantee you'll start feeling those glum feelings slide away. 

I do all of these things on the regular (not all at the same time though!) and they help me tremendously. Let your intuition be your guide and pick something that jumps out at you. 

I hope this list inspires you to do something nice for yourself!

  1. open the windows and let the fresh air revitalize your space

  2. take out the trash & recycling (old stuck energy that needs to go)

  3. put that pile of stuff going to charity in your trunk

  4. brew some fancy coffee or a fun drink

  5. blast some techno/dance/classic rock

  6. break out the essential oils -- especially lemon, mint, lavender, rosemary or orange and disperse around the house

  7. meditate for 5 minutes

  8. take a detox shower (I explain this further in this video)

  9. call your closest friend and have a quick chat

  10. email/text/call 2 people and make plans to do something fun in the next two weeks (this is my go to pick me up)

  11. get stuff up off the floor (piles on the floor have low lying energy - clear your floors and you will feel lighter)

  12. go to www.750words.com and type out your thoughts and feelings until you reach 750 words

  13. do something for someone else that is part of your work skill set (my other go to pick me up -- I love giving away free sessions!)

  14. pack a picnic and get the hell out of the house

  15. put on your favorite comfort movie to keep you company while you are working around the house

  16. make that call that you've been dreading -- you'll be instantly energized because it will be off your plate!

  17. buy some fresh flowers and put them in little jars all over your house

  18. vacuum (it changes the energy of the space and you can suck up all that low lying heavy energy along with the dirt)

  19. make yourself a pitcher of fancy water -- put mint or cucumber or lemons in it and use your favorite glass to drink from

  20. draw/craft/create

  21. get rid of something that makes you feel sad, anxious or guilty

  22. plant something

  23. pick up trash around your neighborhood

  24. go for a walk

  25. ride your bike

  26. take yourself out for lunch

  27. change your sheets and spend extra time making your bed look super sumptuous

  28. sweep your front porch and spruce up your front door (excellent quick feng shui boost)

  29. toss out any dead or dying plants or flowers

  30. swap out some decor around the house - new blankets on the couch or move some artwork around

  31. read your favorite inspirational book

  32. take a nap

  33. listen to a podcast

  34. burn some old letters/journals or write down stuff you want to let go of and burn the list (safely of course!)

  35. burn some sage to clear the energy of your home

  36. pray/ask for guidance

  37. join a new group

  38. get your haircut (I LOVE decluttering my hair!)

  39. get a mani/pedi

  40. do a fun workout

  41. do a gentle workout

  42. lay on the ground or walk around outside with your toes in the grass

  43. create a new vision board

  44. clear off all of the papers stuck to your fridge (this makes a huge difference!)

  45. clear off everything on your bedside table, then put some fresh flowers on it

  46. look at your artwork and see if there is anything that is dreary, sad, depressing or lonely about it and then ditch it!

  47. eat some protein

  48. color in a fun coloring book

  49. find a new place to volunteer your time or talent

  50. make a list of 50 things you are grateful for!

What would you add to the list? Leave a comment below and share what makes you happy!