You + Me  = Clear Calm Space

So how does it work?

It's the same process whether we're in the same room or if  we're across the globe.

Through the incredibly cool technology of built in cameras in laptops, computers and phones, we can work together, side by side even if we live across the planet. We'll go through drawers, closets, boxes and paperwork just like I was there with you. I'll show you how to make decisions on what to keep, how much of it and what can be let go.

So don't let a little thing like not being in the same city as me stop you from having the home of your dreams.

I've co-created fresh new spaces with women all over the United States from Texas to Hawaii, New York to California. And I'm proud to say that my international client base includes incredible women from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and all over the United Kingdom and that list grows every week.

What You Get:

A customized plan of action designed just for you. I do NOT do one size fits all. I have a bazillion ideas and strategies but what matters is how you think and act in your own space. Together, we'll create a system that works for YOU and your situation so it will STICK! No sense of "getting organized" and then backsliding because the systems aren't right or are too hard to follow!

 Total support for when you get stuck, confused or overwhelmed. It's inevitable that when we're in the process of clearing out stuff that we get paralyzed with the bazillion decisions and visual overload of the chaos. This is 100% normal. It is to be expected. That's where I come in. I'm your strategist, coach, cheerleader and therapist for your stuff all rolled into one. What is hard for you is simple for me. What you hate to do is what I love to do.

Removal of the mental blocks that are keeping you stuck. You probably don't even know how much you're staying stuck because of them. One of my clients said she had more "Ah-ha moments than Oprah" during our work together. Expect to be surprised at what you're going to learn about yourself.

Accountability and a (very) loving kick in the rear when you need it. You'll also get strategies on how to raise the energy in your space (Feng Shui 101 & how to delete the negative energy and dramatically increase the high vibration stuff in your home).

A home that feels incredible and the knowledge of how to maintain it for life. I am always teaching you so you know how to do this yourself. We co-create the new space together so that you are EMPOWERED and can create a beautiful, organized space wherever you go for the rest of your life.

How cool is that?!?



Women who choose to work one-on-one with us are investing in their personal growth and experiencing peace in their homes.

Given the sensitive nature of the work we do and the high level of trust it requires our clients to place in us, you can be assured of 100% confidentiality when working with Clear Calm Space Organizing. Hands-on professional organizing services are available in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. Travel fees may apply.  



Hours your pro organizer spends in your home, plus:

-Any additional time spent shopping for needed supplies

-Additional time spent designing layouts and organizing solutions

 -Communication with you by phone or email up to two weeks after the session

-Arranging appointments with other service providers

-Taking items to consignment

-Removing trash or donation items after your session

-Clear Calm Space does not work in unfinished garages and attics or areas that have excessive dust, mold or mildew




Single session with one organizer* (3 Hours)

*A single session is appropriate for clients looking for professional assistance to get the ball rolling on their project.

Package Discounts

4 Sessions (SAVE 10%) $1080

8 Sessions (SAVE 15%) $2040

12 Sessions (SAVE 20%) $2880           


TWO ORGANIZERS - Get your project done FAST

Single session with two organizers* (3 Hours)

*A single session is appropriate for clients looking for professional assistance to get the ball rolling on their project.

Package Discounts

2 Sessions (SAVE 10%) $1080

4 Sessions (SAVE 15%) $2040

6 Sessions (SAVE 15%) $3060             

8 Sessions (SAVE 15%) $4080

All sessions are scheduled as follows:

Monday - Friday

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

and / or

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Lisa helped me organize me...and my brain...When I was downsizing, planning a wedding, buying a house, and packing to move 2,000 miles — all at the same time in a three-month time period. Sanity saving!
— Sheila Elwin, Montana
After one of the most challenging years of my life, I am so thankful to have hired Lisa Sharp of Clear Calm Space Organizing who helped me regain my home and my sanity. I feel a massive weight off of my shoulders and I highly recommend her to everyone!
— Tina C. Atlanta, GA
Working with Lisa is so much freakin’ fun! I always feel energized and like I can take on the world by the end of our sessions. I tease her and call her my therapist but she really is! I can’t recommend her enough. She’s good people.
— J.M., Atlanta, GA