Women come to us for organizing advice from a variety of different situations, but they all share a wish to get their life back together, make time for what’s important, and live simply and beautifully.

Have you felt pulled in a million directions lately? If you're comfortable using digital tools, we can achieve an amazing amount together through virtual organizing.



  • Initial 30-minute Skype/Facetime/Phone (your preference)call to discuss the details of your project
  • 2 - 60 minute video coaching calls per month to keep you on track, help you get unstuck and moving towards your goals in an intimate + judgement-free way
  • A shared checklist where tasks are broken down and due dates are assigned (you can refer to this daily - no more guessing what to do next)
  • Unlimited email correspondence between you and your virtual organizer to get ideas and feedback



1 Month = (2) 1:1 video coaching call sessions + email accountability support + written assignments

3 Months =  (6) 1:1 video coaching call sessions + email accountability support + written assignments

6 Months = (12) 1:1 video coaching call sessions + email accountability support + written assignments


I came to her with a room that wasn’t serving any function and now I have a great office space that I actually use! She gave me the support to take action and without that, the room would still be as it was -really. She affirmed my desires, brainstormed with me and got me excited. I really enjoyed the experience. With Lisa by your side -organizing, decluttering and finding that spacial zen is a joy.
— Val C. Toronto, Canada
Lisa is wonderful, not once did I feel judged for my mess.  She lovingly guides us through the steps to deal with our stuff and by doing 20 minute chunks every day, you get to see results.  Along with the before and after pictures she encourages you to take.  Also by changing my perception of dealing with the clutter as being an act of self love and care rather than drudgery, has helped me to take responsibility for my clutter. 

I would highly recommend working with Lisa.  If you are fed up of living in a cluttered home and are ready to take action Lisa is the person you need. 

Dealing with my mess and clutter wasn’t easy but working with Lisa made it doable and dare I say enjoyable.
— Jackie Elton, U.K.
Lisa has a genuine gift for not only solving your organizational issues, but she does it in a way that makes it feel like a friend is helping you. The way she listens to your dilemmas, then comes up with ideas that you can’t believe you never thought of, is simply amazing! I would highly recommend her if you’re feeling stuck or lost among piles of paperwork and scheduling.
— M.L., NYC
Thank you Lisa Sharp! I am ebullient, and have gotten some traction already. Whee! Some books gathered, some post-its with deadlines, a box or 2 to mail out or show husband. Going to beat my deadline! Thank you-you’re a wiz!
— L. Thompson, Atlanta Georgia